Dr.Dish All Star+

We're excited to announce the Dr. Dish All-Star + Basketball Shooting Machine, updated in 2021 and now available to order!

The Dr. Dish All-Star + i s the latest version of our mid-tier commercial model that includes an updated look, 8in / 21cm touchscreen, enhanced customization options, and improved netting system.

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What's New:

1. Sleek and modern design
The main notable differences between the Dr. Dish All-Star and the Dr. Dish All-Star + is the sleek and modern design inspired by our top-of-the-line Dr. Dish CT .
The Dr. Dish All-Star + comes with an 8 ”touchscreen, the ability to customize your logo on the tablet, and the option for larger custom decals on the side of your machine.

2. Improved net system
The Dr. Dish All-Star + also comes with a new and improved net system that features larger 3 ”/ 8cm squares (we heard you, Coaches) for increased visibility while shooting

3.8 '' touchscreen
The previous iterations of the Dr. Dish All-Star + relied on a 7 ”/ 18 cm LCD touchpad. The Dr. Dish All-Star + includes an 8 ”/ 21 cm touchscreen that not only allows for a better viewing and programming experience but also allows users to:
  • View real-time makes, attempts, shooting percentage, and streaks

  • access 250+ drills, workouts, and programs from professional trainers and D1 coaches

  • View post-drill heatmaps

  • Save stats to their TMS profile

4. Multi-range programming

Anyone familiar with our previous Dr. Dish All-Star will know that it did not have the ability to program 2pt, 3pt, and FT, in the same drill. This feature was previously reserved only for our Dr. Dish CT.

We have brought that feature to all of our latest models- to have the ability to program drills that include multiple shooting ranges in the same drill, without having to stop and reprogram the machine.

Future Proof Updates

The Dr. Dish All-Star + connects to your local Wi-Fi in order to save stats and browse on-demand workouts; but another benefit to connecting your Dr. Dish All-Star + to Wi-Fi, is the ability to receive software updates to access the latest features and workouts provided by the Dr. Dish team.

Since the Plus Models first launched in the US during 2021, all machines in the field have been updated with new features such as:

- Unlimited Programmable Shot Locations

-Animated Drill Previews

- Smart Templates

- Live Mode

Note: A Wi-Fi connection IS NOT REQUIRED to perform basic functions on the machine. You will be able to build your own drills and save those drills to your local machine.

For more information on the Dr. Dish All-Star + click here.

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